A Nose for Knows!

There have been studies done that have proven that our sense of smell triggers more memories than any of our other 4 senses.  I believe that this is true.  I know, I know, we all see a kid from “That 70’s Show” donning a comb in his back pocket and those of us that were around can all remember ourselves, yes myself as well, wearing that same comb in our back pockets in the late 70’s.  What can I say?  We were all doing it, along with our gauchos and clogs.

But have you ever stopped to think, when a memory was triggered by an actual smell.  The scent of Bonnie Bell’s “Loves Baby Soft” can trigger a memory of my middle school years.

And as my 25-year-old nephew Jake says.  “The middle school years are the ugly years”.  And he is oh so, so right!  We all smelled like “Loves Baby Soft”, feathered our hair, loved Shaun Cassidy and wore hot pink combs in our back pockets.  There wasn’t a unique one among us!!!!!! Bodies were changing, mine not so much for the better.  I was a chubby gal, and was often teased, so this scent doesn’t usually bring back any good thoughts.

There are times when someone whisks past you in a crowded shopping mall and they are wearing Calvin Klein’s “Obsession”…. It lingers for a moment, your brain is processing and Aaahhh all those early memories of college come flooding back, laying in the sun covered in baby oil (trying to tan, unlikely for an Irish girl such as myself), “scoping” for guys in the dorm cafeteria, late night parties, Jane Fonda Aerobics, exams and many hours of studying.  Good times.

This product was released in 1985.

Sometimes my nose gets me into trouble.  Like for example I was having lunch out with my husband a couple of Fridays ago and we were eating at PF Changs.  We both ordered the Hot and Sour Soup.  I usually love hot and sour soup!  When the waiter brought the soup, I reached for my spoon, sniffed my soup, scowled and set my spoon down.  Jim asked what was wrong and I told him, (ruining his soup experience as well) that I couldn’t eat it because It “smells like horse”.  That was it for the sweet and sour soup.

 I grew up on a farm and we had a horse, 2 black angus cows and chickens.  Who would think that hot and sour soup would trigger that kind of memory?

Nowadays I shop from Etsy.  I buy vintage fabric, usually from a smoke and pet free environment.  This doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to smell.  If it is vintage, it is probably going to smell like something.  Sometimes, you are able to get the vintage fabric that the seller has pre-washed for you, which is pretty great.  It may come to you smelling of some kind of unwelcome flowery detergent, or you may get lucky and it could totally smell like nothing!!!! Oh how I love that!  Then, the worst thing could happen, it comes to you smelling of moth balls and old ladies.  Ugh!!! It’s a hard stench to describe.  If you have smelled it you will know.  The nose always knows!

Other scents that remind me of things.  The smell of coffee reminds me of frogs.  Why?  I thought you would never ask.  I believe it is because we would catch frogs and put them into “Maxwell House” coffee cans.

The smell of melting candle reminds me of birthday cake of course!  A scent of pine needles or pine shrubbery always reminds me of my Grandmother’s home in Johnstown, PA.  Her home was surrounded by those shrubs and it always brings back a happy, warm and loving memory.

 What scents trigger memories for you?

Have a fun-filled weekend!!  What will you be doing?  I will be working on my sundress from the Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge and hanging out with my favorite 3 boys (husband included)!

6 thoughts on “A Nose for Knows!

  1. LOL…Bonnie Bell Smells…ah yes…my fave was Loves Fresh Lemon…amAzing lemony scent. And cinnamon lip gloss [gag]. Apparently you can still get these things!!!??? Your description of the pine shrubs around Western PA also hit my memory sensors…could smell it without smelling it, if you know what I mean! My family is from the Pittsburgh area. Happy memories! Looking forward to seeing the Collette Sundress!

    • PS…I don’t see anything wrong with a smart pair of gauchos and possibly a matching vest, with the ubiquitous striped turtle or cowl neck…and clunky Frye cowboy boots….that’s some stahl ! (in Pittsburgh-ese)

      This was de rigour for the mid-70s modish middle-schooler….am I right???

      • Yes you are gal!!! And I am so sure that you would look fabulous- at this point in my life I don’t think I could pull it off- noooooo wayyyyyyy!

      • I don’t think ANYONE can pull this off well….at ANY point in their lives….

        I think fashion designers hold a meeting once a year and choose the ugliest, most ridiculous-looking style to become THE latest. The gaucho year was one of their best efforts. The tight–sweater-over-voluminous-shirt-left-untucked was another beauty. Not to mention the multiple years that low-rise jeans won the gig. Oh, and one more from the mid-70s: all-in-one mechanic style coveralls with a zipper down the front. Nice. Not.

      • Yes! You are right! There probably is some covert operation full of devious designers doing their best to create hideous style that are to be the next IN thing! I agree- You are so funny! I enjoy your humor and your posts! Thanks!

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