Color Blocking

A couple of weeks back I posted about an Anna Maria Horner Pattern, The Socialite Dress.  I wanted to try the same pattern done with solid colors such as Fuchsia and Orange, thinking that it would be perfect for a color blocking experiment.  Well, I couldn’t find the orange that I wanted, but I did find the fuchsia and a mustard yellow in a cotton silk from Hart’s Fabric.

This is what I came up with.

Now, one would think that I was a genius, by having enough forethought to think ahead to put the thinner stripe just above the large block of gold mustard, huh?  This is more of an after thought.  I was THRILLED with the result of the color blocking before I put the narrow stripe on, but unfortunately when I was serging the inside seam between both colors to neaten up the inside I accidentally caught part of the dress skirt in the serger, thus slicing a small hole in the posterior of the dress!!!!! UGH!!!! And a whole lot of swear words came along with that.  I needed to find a way to cover up my mistake, and salvage the dress!

And this is where the lovely stripe comes into the picture.  Yet another frock tainted with some small mistake that I need to figure out how I am going to camouflage. I always feel like I am settling just a little when I am sewing.  I strive for perfection, which I know is not possible.  I would love to at least have one, just one sewing session when my needle doesn’t break, or I mistakenly sew two parts together that aren’t supposed to be!  Every time, it’s like what predicament am I going to get into this time? And, how am I going to get myself out of it?  I do believe that sewing for me is almost like an episode of MacGyver.  I am the MacGyver of seamstresses.  Figuring out how to solve the next sewing mishap with whatever tools and knowledge I have at my disposal.  Hmmmmm.  Makes you think!

Here is the posterior view.

In this shot you will see the inside of my dress and the infamous hole.

One thing I enjoy about reading other people’s sewing blogs is that we are honest to a fault.  I am still a novice sewer, and I make mistakes ALL the time.  I want all to know that I am on a sewing journey and if I were to just give up every time I made a mistake I wouldn’t have learned so much.  What do “they” say?  Perfection is overrated?  

So true!  

Thanks for reading my rant! 


6 thoughts on “Color Blocking

  1. Wow… what a gorgeous colour combo! I think the mustard colour was meant to be! You were absolutely right to add that extra stripe. It balances out the design perfectly. And you are so right with regs making mistakes. They are indeed there to make us learn. And how dull would life be if there was nothing left to learn! 🙂

  2. Bravo! I read through your rant with a rueful smile! Been there, done that, but I’m sorry to say that my outcomes rarely turn out as beautiful as this one of yours! Really looks good!

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