Mellow Yellow

A few posts back I referred to this dress as an inspiration.


It’s mellow yellow rose pattern boasts femininity and elegance.  I was so enamored by it that I decided to sew something similar.

I bought this fabric from a shop on Etsy, Rare Finds 4 U.  The shop owner shipped my fabric very quickly!  It’s not an exact twin to my inspirational fabric, but I thought that it would do the trick.

Because of the sheerness of the rose fabric I put this cotton fabric underneath it.

Thus creating this….

I used a simplicity pattern 2588 choosing the flared skirt and wider collar option.  That was my well laid out plan, it just wasn’t the way it went.  All my pieces were cut, I usually don’t follow directions like I should, this time I followed them.  There were so many different dress options, for collars, skirt style and sleeve preference.  I went along following the directions for the dress option for a flared skirt dress, with no sleeves and the more closely sewn collar.  Not the dress that I really wanted and then I totally forgot my pockets!!!!  Ugh!!!! I really dig a nice pocket in a dress, it gives my hands somewhere to hang out!  I think a lot of times sewists get a really bad rap for not following directions, this time I followed, just followed the wrong path.  I am still happy with my results it just wasn’t exactly what I had set out for.

Here is a picture of the dress still in need of a hem and zipper.

And here are finished dress pictures.

Finished just in time for Easter Sunday!


It’s hard to see in this picture, but I hand picked a lapped zipper into the back of this dress.

I always love to put a little surprise into the hem of my dresses and this one is finished off with a hem of  horsehair braid and yellow and white gingham.  It gives the skirt a little extra oomph.

I added a belt to give my ensemble a more vintage feel.

A couple weeks back I purchased these Kate Spade earrings to wear with this dress.  They were the perfect topper.

My kids are on Spring Break this week, so It will probably be awhile until my next post!

Happy Spring Everyone!!!!

12 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow

  1. So cute!! I love the floral layered with the check. I would have never thought to do that, and it is seriously fabulous. I love the effect.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your photo’s with me! This was fabric from my grandmother’s stash, it looks beautiful. You did a great job on the dress, what imagination to use the yellow underneath…….I’m so glad it found a good home.
    Thanks again,

  3. I know I told you in person yesterday, but just had to say it again here… You looked so stunning in this dress on Easter! I was so proud to be the guy with the beautiful woman at his side wearing such an amazing dress… that she made herself!!! Xoxoxo

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