Third Time’s The Charm?

This is my third attempt at sewing the Colette Pattern Rooibos.  I wasn’t sure what a Rooibos is /was so I looked it up.  Rooibos is a plant/bush grown in South Africa used to make an herbal tea.  It is pronounced Roy- Boss.  I love Colette Patterns, they name their patterns after something “sweet” and edible or in this case drinkable.  I feel all the smarter for it.  You learn something new everyday, right?

So in the spirit of learning something new, it took me three times to get it through my noggin of how I should approach the construction of the Rooibos.

The first time I sewed this disaster,

from a brown linen fabric with a silk ballet pink trim- somehow I got all the pieces mixed up on the skirt part of the dress and it ended up in the “circular file” (trash can).

The second attempt was this disaster.

The black corduroy was too heavy and I ran very low on the black and white polka dot.  It ended up being too big and slipped off my shoulders.  It really was a disaster.  It is hanging in my closet, never, ever, to be worn.  NEVER!  Sometimes it’s hard to part with a garment you spent so much time on.

Here are details of the collar and the pockets.

I love the colors black and white and I wear it often.  I will be making this dress again in these colors, just not in a wide wale corduroy.

Here is my third attempt.

 Rooibos in a mustard yellow with pink polka dot accents and pink rick rack.

Here is the inside.

Another photo.
I carried the rick rack from the front to the back.

Flipping the hem up you can also see that I used the pink polka dot fabric to extend the skirt of my dress.  It hemmed up nicely on the inside.

Here is the inside of the hem and the pocket detail with the rick rack outlining the pockets.
The invisible zipper.  Can you see it?  Nope!  You can’t!  And so it really is invisible!  The only evidence is the pull tab!
Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely day!


  1. Rick rack!!! I love that stuff. This is so cute, and I really hope the B&W version is salvageable. It’s too cute and classic. It would be a major pain with the facing, but maybe worth it to re-draft the armscye? This dress is a little off the shoulders by nature, and I was afraid the same was going to happen to me.

    • Hi Lavender! Yes I will try to salvage the b&w- I am shunning it right now and it is in a major time-out!!! Wink, wink. Thanks for stopping by! So thrilled to have you come by and see what I have been up to!!!

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