A Sweltering Summer and The Self Drafted Maxi Dress

Last summer, while in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I bought scads of Amy Butler Daisy Chain Daisy Bouquet In Forest from an on-line vender.

Which is this.   It reads more turquoise than forest to me.

Now when I say “scads” I mean many yards. Like 12!!!  My thought was that I was going to make Roman shades or I was going to cover something.  Something really BIG.  Anyway when it arrived, it was much more vibrant in person than it was on-line, and to be honest it really scared me.  I was worried that it was going to make our very relaxing beach house very UNrelaxing.  So I put the fabric aside and went on with my other projects.  Like this one.

Well, as our summer progressed it became very humid and hot.  I decided to stay indoors with the air conditioning  and sewing machine.  I pulled the Amy Butler fabric from my stash and went ahead and just started messing with it.  I don’t have a dum dum on the east coast, so I had to use myself to drape the fabric on.  I am actually not sure how I ended up with this maxi dress.  It just sort of happened.

Here is a sketch.

And here is the finished dress.

It can get so hot and humid that all you can do is wash your face and put your hair up.  There is no reason to wear any make-up because you’re just going to sweat it off!  Ugh!

I am not really sure if this is even a very becoming shape on me, but I do know that if I were to buy a maxi dress in the store, it would be wayyyyyyyy to long for me.

Here is a close-up (sorry for the bad picture).

Here is another close-up.

This maxi dress has no closures.  The bodice is sewn with a drawstring chamber so that the dress doesn’t just look like a paper sack.  It hugs me right under the bust line and from there on it is loose and comfy!  This was an experiment, and I guess I am happy with the result.  I will probably wear it again.

I still have many yards of this fabric remaining.  Hmmm, I wonder what else I can create?

Happy Sunday Folks!


    • It was last summer, so my memory isn’t real clear, but I think a 1.5″ thick long strip- sewed right sides together, turned them right side out and then cut the strip in 2. I don’t remember if I then top stitched?!

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