The Sewing Adventure of the Taffy Blouse

Finally!  I have gotten around to sewing the The Colette Taffy Blouse from the Colette Sewing Book! This blouse pattern is very romantic, feminine with sleeves that are full of volume and swing.  I didn’t think it would be for me, but because it IS so different it IS a delight to don.

Like most of my sewing adventures, this didn’t go as originally planned. DUN, dun, dunnnnnnnn.  (Dramatic, scary  music).

I selected a fabric from my Spring / Summer Stash, not putting too much thought into the actual direction of the fabric grain/pattern. I traced my pattern onto lined pattern paper.  (I have really tried to keep my patterns intact, by tracing them onto lined pattern paper and then cutting only the “lined pattern paper” not ruining the original pattern –  anal, I know).  The size for the Taffy blouse is very similar to the Sorbetto and Jasmine, so knowing this I used a size 6.

I cut my pattern out on the bias like the directions said to do, only to notice later that this wasn’t going to work for this fabric.  This very sheer navy blue fabric has a visible silver metallic thread that accentuates the grain.  Cutting on the bias, would mean that I would have a long slanted line on the front of the blouse and the same on the back.  I thought that this would look weird, so I cut the front of the blouse in two pieces and the same with the back, merging the silver lines to dead-end into french seams.  Just like I did with the Jasmine.  Does this make sense?

Other than that one faux pas, this was an easy sew.  Here are some photo’s.

The fabric is a navy blue polka-dotted synthetic, with, as I said before, a silver metallic thread woven throughout.  I made the bias tape from blue and white polka-dotted cotton.  Both of these fabrics have a random sized polka-dot, randomly placed all over.   So  Sew easy!!!!

AND you can’t go wrong with adding a bow on top!  Most sewing projects aren’t complete without a little bow to top it off!

So, before I wish you a fabulous weekend, I wanted to send you off with one of my favorite Hey Girl postings…. from Handmaderyangosling.

Submitted by @meejay03

This is by far my favorite!!! All the men in my house know which scissors are used for paper and which are to used for fabric.  Do your men?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Heheheheh.

Ohhhhh, and by the way my April edition of my Burdasyle magazine finally came!!!

Happy Weekend to all of you.


2 thoughts on “The Sewing Adventure of the Taffy Blouse

  1. I love your blouse. The trim and the bow are perfect. Love the “Hey Girl” posting. I keep my sewing scissors in my sewing tool box and they all have a yellow ribbon on them. Yellow for caution: do not use these scissors to cut anything but fabric if you value your life.

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