A Peek Inside “The Creating Room”

Finally!  I can see the floor in my sewing/creating room.  I folded fabric, dusted, stacked books and organized patterns.  It won’t stay this way, as soon as I start another project I will yet again create a mess.  I guess that might be why I call it the “creating room” on account that I am always creating a mess!

In this picture you can see both my machines.  My viking sewing machine and my serger (serging still intimidates me!).

Yards and yards of FABRIC glorious FABRIC!!!!!

My computer, fabrics and calendar.

Yes!  I was a girl scout.  I didn’t earn many badges though.

My cutting table on the left and many books on the shelves that I reference for sewing projects.  My ironing board is scorched, so I use pillow cases to cover it when I am ironing. We just had the wall patched in the corner after years of trying to determine where the leak was originating from.

My Doris Day album cover and time that is ticking away.

Picture of my East coast friends and some special things that like to collect dust.

My Dum-Dum is a couple of sizes smaller than me, so I usually add extra cellulite and such for added girth!

Love my Orla Kiely clock/radio!

 A framed photo of our 1st baby, Chloe.  She died a couple of years ago. We were able to enjoy her company for 15 years.  We were lucky!

One more thing before I part….  I finished the Meringue Skirt.  I don’t think I will be wearing it though.  It seems to fit me in a strange way.  

This photo shows the finished Meringue Skirt.

This photo shows the underside of the skirt hem.

Please excuse these photos, I am many things, but I am NOT a photographer.

That’s all for now!  Have a great Wednesday! 

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