Inspired, but Stuck!

Springing forward seems to have gotten the best of me.  I am stuck.  I spent a good portion of my weekend tidying up the creating room, and this is still a work in progress.

Do you ever feel like there is sooooo much that you would love to be creating?  I am pulled in so many directions, and I have stated before that I am easily distracted by pretty colors and a magazine that arrives in the post.  I have an incompleted skirt (the meringue) from the lovely Colette Book.  My reason for not finishing?  It’s really kind of a silly one.  I fell in love with a very low quality fabric from Joann’s that isn’t colorfast.  After working with it for even a short period of time, my hands turn blue.  The fabric has been washed several times, but this characteristic doesn’t want to subside!  I fear that if I actually wear it I may turn into a human version of Smurfette.

Ugh!  This is where I am now.  I found myself cleaning the master bathroom on Sunday for 3 hours – huh?  Where did that come from?  The good news is that the water closet looks fab… the bad?  It gets dirty again!

 I also spent several hours on Etsy looking into Doris Day style dresses and anything vintage.  Etsy is such a great place to lose yourself.  You can find almost anything there!  Especially inspiration!

This lovely dress I found on Etsy.   Rebecca Wright from San Francisco has many amazing vintage garments in her Etsy shop AnimalHeadVintage.   I am drooling over this green frock   and thinking that I could probably sew this, but it really isn’t the season for velvet now that we are moving into Spring.

And how about this one?  Bright purple chiffon with fuchsia trim.  It’s dreamy isn’t it?  I must say though that I do find the animal masks to be a little disturbing.  Isn’t there a scene in the movie “The Shining” that has one of the unknown characters wearing an animal mask?  It reminds me of that and it kind of gives me the creeps!  Putting all of that aside, this Etsy shop is really something to check out for inspiration or for shopping.

I found this dress while browsing on the internet. I swoon!  Finding the right fabric for this dress is key.   Once a yellow hater, not anymore.  I love this yellow rose print and I am searching for something similar.


I found this print on Etsy – I am trying to purchase as much as she has.

Not a perfect match, but since this is really sheer, I could do a yellow voile underneath to create color.  What do you think?  I should finish the skirt, huh?!  That will be today’s mission.


whatever you find yourself lost in today – may it be inspiring!

Until next time!

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