It’s Not Easy Being Green!

It has been several days since my last post.  I would love to say that I have been a whirling dervish, sewing and creating, but the reality is that I have been down for a few days with what I call a “moving around headache”.   Weird name I know, but I call it this because with every slight movement I make, it causes a sharp acute pain to my head.  Not fun.  So I spent most of my time sleeping. No whirling for me.

Anyway, I had intended to put this little green number up on the Sew Weekly website for the St. Patrick’s/ Green Challenge.  Unfortunately I missed the deadline.  I purchased this pattern a while back off of Etsy.  This is my second attempt at sewing a wiggle dress from this pattern.  My first attempt ended up in the circular file (waste basket).  I had to grade the pattern in order to get it in the neighborhood of my proportions, which I have never done before.  Threads magazine has a really helpful step-by-step tutorial on grading a sewing pattern.

I am unsure if this McCall’s pattern is actually the “best” wiggle dress pattern for my particular shape.  I feel as though it makes me appear a little thick on top and not in a good way, if you know what I mean!

It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Northern California, so here I have an umbrella.  And also just so you know, the hem is pinned up, so I guess this is considered a UFO until it actually is finished!

So this next picture supports my observation of it raining Cats and Dogs.  There’s a dog here!  It fell from the sky!  REALLY!


No make-up or pretty shoes here,I’m just au naturel.  

I definitely had some fit issues with this pattern.  I was also not crazy about my fabric choice.  This green fabric was something I found on the Joann’s discount shelf without any identifiable information as to it’s fiber content.  It’s silky to the touch, but I am sure that it is  synthetic and not silk.  It was hard to press, and very hard to work with.


I guess, I could look at it like a muslin or a toile and chalk it up to ANOTHER learning experience!

Anyway, until next time.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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