Art Inspired: The Lights are Off and Nobody’s Home?

I posted in the Sew Weekly Challenge this week……The subject matter?  Sew something that is Art Inspired.  I wanted to use a piece of artwork from my home that I look at everyday in hopes of developing a whole new way of looking at it, almost as though I am viewing through someone else’s eyes.

I chose a painting done by my dad, Kenneth McGowan.  During the mid to late 70’s my dad dabbled in painting with acrylics and oils.  The oils were always my favorite.  The gelatinous tubes of colors emitted a sweet, heavy scent that stayed wet for many days.  Not much of a people or portrait painter, my dad complained the he couldn’t correctly capture a persons facial features. This particular black and white painting’s medium is acrylic, painted in 1974.  Wow!  It’s older than 20 years, so I guess that makes it an antique?  Ugh, and so am I!  I am not sure if he painted this from a photo that he took or if he used a National Geographic (he would use these often for subject matter).

Inspired by this painting I then sewed this blouse in a gingham black and white cotton.  Burdastyle pattern number 7255, I opted to do away with the bow tie but added a small detail around the buttons.

 This actual painting is a bit ominous and dark, it shows the aftermath of many years of neglect.  “Lights are off and Nobody’s Home”.  As for my blouse, its cheery and vibrant, quite the opposite.

Perhaps I will feel differently when I glimpse over at this painting while on the treadmill?

Have a great Tuesday!  

By the way I realize after reading this post that I speak of my dad as though he has passed.  He and my mother are both alive and well, living in Michigan.  He doesn’t paint anymore.  He is on to doing other creative things.

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