Treasure Hunting results in the Best Treasure Ever…. FRIENDSHIP!!

My Husband and I set out early on Sunday morning,  6am early, because “the early bird gets the worm”- right?  We drove East heading for one of the most exciting adventures that I had anticipated in a long time.  It was the most beautiful Sunday morning ever, with temperatures predicted to reach the lower 70’s.  We had our cash, shopping bags, comfy shoes and coffee fueled bodies ready to go.  Our destination?  The Alameda Flea Market.  This is not just any Flea Market- this, from what I understand, is the “Cadillac” of Flea Markets.

Upon our arrival to the parking area, a small gaggle of geese guided our vehicle to the parking area, as if they were welcoming us to the grand show.  It seemed magical.  We paid our early bird price- the earlier you arrive the more it costs.  entering through the gate after handing our ticket to the taker we had rows A-Z to discover and we quickly realized that 3 hours just might not be enough time to peruse all the treasures.

Table after table new discoveries were made.  Jim found himself enamored by a World War II Navy telescope, and I looked for vintage clothing, patterns and notions.  We stumbled across this sewing machine.

It really works!  It just needs a new belt and some TLC.  Cute isn’t she?

The Orange Lamps on this table caught my eye, but I really don’t have a place for anything orange in my house.

Before parting ways with the flea market, Jim spotted a very cute gal in vintage attire and said to me “look honey, she is dressed like how you like to dress”!  I looked over to where he was pointing and Holy Hannah!  It was Mena Trott from Sew Weekly!!!!  I approached her tentatively, unsure if she was indeed The Mena Trott, and I asked her if her name was Mena.  And yes!  Yes, she was her!!!! Check out Mena’s blog, it is really awesome.  She has a huge following of inspiring sewists, that keep up with her weekly sewing challenges.  I am not one who can keep up, but this week I am hoping that I am able to complete this week’s challenge: Make a Garment that is Art Inspired.

Look how cute Mena is in her buffalo check dress and her black and white fascinator or hat (not sure which it is considered to be).  So I guess meeting Mena would be the best TREASURE of all.  My husband Jim dabbles in some treasure hunting of his own.  He metal detects and finds the most wonderful and scary things.

This is one of the wonderful things.  I will spare you one of the scary things, no dead bodies though, the last I checked.

I bring up his hobby of metal detecting for two reasons.  The first is because at a later date I am going to have him do a guest blog for me and the second is because the title of this post is a quote I borrowed from one of his “detecting” friends back East.  I asked her what was the best treasure she ever found (thinking she was going to say something like pirates’ booty) and she responded by saying “FRIENDSHIP”!  A pretty thought-provoking statement.  Relationships are what it is really all about.

What do you think?

Happy Monday..

2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting results in the Best Treasure Ever…. FRIENDSHIP!!

  1. She is a cutie!!! $65- and worth it- it seems to be working? Not sure if it needs a bobbin case-are they supposed to have a bobbin case? If so- it doesn’t have that and also needs a new belt.

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