What inspires you?

Well, we are back from Michigan.  I ate my way in and out of Michigan.  My mom cooks her way throughout our visit, creating a culinary link to my childhood memories.  I gained weight, but it was worth it.  Mmmmm, my mom’s homemade apple pie (I ate the whole thing only sharing a few slices) and Pigs in the Blanket with mashed potatoes… it was the best!

I have been feeling a creative rut lately and as I look back on some of the things I have sewn, I can see that I will get through my little dry spell.  Last Christmas I took a Craftsy tutorial taught by Amy Gibson.  The Quilted Ipad Case tutorial became a Christmas present for my lovely Sister-in-law, Heather.    A very fun and easy project, Amy takes you through the process of foundation piecing as well as constructing pockets, strap and the insertion of a zipper.  

This foundation piecing I found to be inspiring as well a real kick!  Piecing all these different fabric patterns together to create pockets really was inspirational!

This was the first time I have ever done foundation piecing!  After doing this project, I started another, similar project to take to Palm Springs.

This is a computer case that I foundation pieced using the skills and inspiration I learned from the Craftsy tutorial.  Sewn together with many different fabrics and prints, I made sure to use a Heather Ross print.  This particular print (VW Vans) is currently out of print, but you can find it on Etsy in places like this.  I have been coveting this for years, with only a fat quarter of my own, just waiting for a special place to put it.

bag interior pocket

Toodles to you all- enjoy your LAST last day of February!

Have a wonderful and inspirational Wednesday!

*Please forgive me for the poor quality of pictures.  I usually do my photos outside, but today is dark and gloomy and not a good day for photography.

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