Weekend Wind-Up

The weekend goes by in the blink of an eye.   Monday morning arrives and I find myself doing the Monday morning shuffle over to the coffee machine to squeeze myself a mug of some wake-up.

The aftermath of the weekend usually is an unwelcomed feeling of dread, mostly because of all of the UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) I encountered.  I tend to became distracted by pretty colors, shiny things and television show actors from Pan Am and Downton Abbey that are donning fancy get-ups!  This weekend, Mollie Makes became my true distraction.  In edition number 9 I found a book cover that was easy enough to make, but somehow I managed to screw-up the measurements….. hmmmm go figure.

Helen Newton has a fun sewing project in Mollie Makes.  Featured on the front cover, it is the Fabric Book Bag.  I made two.  One for me and the other for my friend Barb.

All the templates are in the magazine as well as on-line!  There are many other templates to choose from as well.  There is even an App for your phone or IPad to download.  This way you are able to snap up any back issues you may be missing.  Personally I like to hold a magazine in my hands, but this Mollie Makes magazine is hard to find on our news stands.

The other “object” I was able to complete this weekend was a needle keeper. The inspiration for this came from my friend Robin Bobbin.  I met
her at the Palm Springs weekend workshop and she made a really cute needle keeper out of Heather Ross fabric. This is also Heather Ross fabric that is really hard to come by.  It’s one of my favorites.

One more thing before I go.  I wanted to say “Thank You” to Debi from My
Happy Sewing Place
.  She tagged me in her blog regarding the Operation Comfort Doll Project during Sew Grateful week.  Well, Thank you Debi, I am Sew Grateful!

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