Sew Grateful For Gretchen!!!

My Photo    Join Me in Being Sew Grateful

So, my friend Gretchen Hirsch educates me on sewing as well as gives me a really good chuckle here and there.  Gretchen is one of my sewing heroes that I have mentioned in earlier posts and is the author of the blog:  Gerties blog for better sewing.  Today she is featuring Ryan Gosling.  These images of him are made possible by Ryan Gosling Handmade.  This one here is my absolute favorite!

  My husband Jim, and my boys are constantly finding pins everywhere in the house and both our pugs, Ruby and Peekaboo run around the house with those jagged little things hanging out of their mouths taunting me for a game of cat and mouse.

I am also a fan of this one:

These Kill me!!!!! Anyway!  I am SEW GRATEFUL for laughter, silliness and for Gretchen!!!!

Here is a picture of Gretchen and me at the Sewing Summit last September.  The dress that I am wearing is called the Bombshell dress that Gretchen teaches a workshop for on the website Craftsy.  It took a while to complete BUT It is a really great class and I highly recommend it.  You will learn all sorts of great things.
I am…….
Sew Grateful for our sewing community, for people like you and Gretchen that make sewing and socializing SEW much fun!  Enjoy your middle of the week!

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