Bad Week Makes Good With a Little Sew Grateful…

Sew Grateful Week

Last week my friend Laurie had a life changing week.  She lost her job via phone on the way into San Francisco for a doctor appointment and while in that appointment she got a hefty parking ticket while waiting for a review of a previous breast mammogram.  The outcome of the mammogram luckily will not involve any surgery, but there will be a needle biopsy to remove calcification and to identify them as non-cancerous.  Another Sew Grateful moment.

I am Sew Grateful, because it was only 3 months ago when I did have surgery on one of my breasts to remove a growth that thankfully also turned out to be non-cancerous.  The doctors identified it as P.A.S.H., something that I am still trying to understand.  I do know that this for me is the ticket to visiting the “squish your boob machine” at least twice a year.  The NOT KNOWING is the worst thing.  You just want to be diagnosed with what it is… and get on with your life.

For Laurie, she has been going back and fourth trying to find the right doctor to take care of this recurring problem she has with calcifications.  The process for her has taken a little over a month and on the other day when she got the parking ticket, she had reached her limit.  Exhausted and defeated, she told me of her woes while fighting off tears.   Laurie is one of the happiest people who I know, and when you are around her, she just makes you smile.  Well this is a smile that I want to encourage so….

This morning I made this:

I am putting Laurie’s favorite York Peppermint Candy inside the Amy Butler’s “Key Keeper Coin Purse”.    I found Amy’s pattern for this little gem in her book “Style Stitches”  It is 1 of 26 bag patterns in this book. It’s a really pretty book with gorgeous pictures and delightful patterns with descriptive and easy to follow directions.

Let’s see if this doesn’t get a smile on Laurie’s face that I am Sew Grateful for!

Have a great day!


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