Friends, Frocks and Firemen!

So about a 2 months ago I sewed a dirndl dress for myself made out of vintage fabric I found on Etsy.  I bought 5 yards of a pink and gold brocade fabric that was going to be perfect…for something.  I wasn’t sure what yet, but I fell in love with it and I knew it needed to be something special.

The outcome was a very special dress, that would be the “life” of a black and white party.     Everyone that attended this birthday party for our friend, wore back and white.  black is usually my normal.  I wear black to almost everything.  It is easy and it never lets me down.  It turns out that I attracted more attention than I really wanted.  People would ask, “where did you get your dress?”  and I would reply, “I made it!”  Well, the response was one that you would have thought I said that I had invented the wheel!  The fact of the matter is, that it is a mostly uncommon occurrence, to hear from someone that they indeed sewed their gown.  It is something that I have grown-up with.  Our mom made a lot of our clothes, mostly mine, because of necessity.  I was a child that was a little thicker around the middle than others and clothes didn’t fit me like they should, especially pants.  I remember at one point begging my mother to please, get me a pair of jeans that weren’t a purple blue color (these were the ones she had sewed for me).  Little did I know how special one must be to be the recipient of a hand sewn garment!

So, fast forward many years I have sewn my first garment for a friend Susie.  It is like taking a tiny piece of my heart and putting it out there.  Every single imperfection that my friend Susie’s dress possesses would be just fine for a frock I would don, but her dress? I felt it  had to be perfect!

This event that Susie desired the dress for was a party at her beloveds’ firehouse.  Yes, I said firehouse, and yes her beau is a FIREMAN.  Nice, huh?  Anyway, I purchased 3.5 yards of navy blue wool crepe from Britex in San Francisco.  The drape of this fabric is so delicious and incredible!  It has a totally different hand than the pink brocade I used on my dirndl dress.  I ferociously worked all weekend for a Monday night deadline, scheduling several muslin fittings with Susie and started the actual dress on Saturday afternoon, while watching “Some Like It Hot” on my office computer.

The finished product was something I could be proud of.
I probably could have lined up the zipper closure with the belt closure, but- live and learn right?

So later on Monday when Susie showed up to pick her dress up, she came into my house with a very sad puss.  I asked her what the matter was- and she responded by saying that her party had been cancelled.  I just started laughing!  She really thought I would be upset! Maybe I was really just going mad after all that frantic sewing?!

Well, that’s all folks!


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