Easy Does It!

This is just a post to show that YES I am able to complete a garment or 2 for myself.  Both patterns for the Clover trousers and the Jasmine blouse are Colette Patterns.

This was my first time sewing the Jasmine blouse.  I did sew a muslin first and there were really no adjustments to speak of.  As for the Clovers- I believe that this is the 4th pair I have made.  These trousers are a really easy sew, and even though I made a muslin first I have altered them with each pair I sew.  The colette website offers a plethora of options for wider/thinner thighs, fuller/smaller buttocks, wider/narrower rise and much more- it is really great!  All the wider on me- that’s how I roll.  As you can see in this picture, I could use some adjusting in the crotch area- nobody wants a floppy crotch!  

Here is another shot of the blouse.

I finished off the inside with french seams.  A technique that my friend Lavender from Threadsquare used.  It just makes everything look so neat and tidy.

 Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

One comment

  1. Oh I just love this top. I’m still too tight to buy Collette patterns but I can see why people do. Such a great vintage look with those trousers too. So glad I found your blog!

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