Patience and Progress…..

I often find myself to be a person that wants instant results.  All that “Patience is a virtue” crap is something our mothers said to us and it is something that we continue to tell our kids.  When I start a sewing project, I want it done NOW and this would mean skipping the muslin sewing!  definitely not a possibility, because the sewing police will bust into my house and demand to see my muslin for my ill-fitting garment (Muslins help you avoid ill-fitting garments)- which I wouldn’t be able to produce and this would lead to the seamSTRESS pokey and… well you get the picture!  My latest project that I am working on is a quilt.  It is not just any quilt, it is a cathedral quilt.  And it happens to be my first quilt, real quilt that is.  I chose this style, because it reminds me of the quilts I grew up with, handed down from my great-grandmother that my sister now has possession of.  
The colored fabric for the quilt was purchased off of Etsy from a shop called Swell Goods.  Fitting don’t you think?  Each vintage fat quarter came neatly pressed, folded, bundled and at one time was a bed sheet.  I just love it when you order something off of Etsy and when it arrives it’s packaged in a very special way!
Well, this is a sewing project that is going to take a lot of patience, which I intend to be pushing to the limit and at this point with nearly a week behind me I have enough done to use for a table runner.  My intent is to have enough rows done by June to blanket an actual human.  
 So as I continue to sew this massive undertaking, I will pick up other projects along the way to alleviate the boredom associated with sewing square, after square, after….. You get it…
Stay tuned for further developments!

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