Heather Ross, Palm Springs, a Mountain and a Huge Windstorm!

Late in the month of January, I flew down to Palm Springs, California for a Heather Ross Workshop.  Anyone who is reading this blog surely knows who Heather Ross is, but if you don’t she is the author of such books as: Weekend SewingHeather Ross Prints (due to come out in July) and a children’s book called Crafty Chloe.  She also has designed many beautiful, fun and vibrant fabric prints that are available on Spoonflower.  Heather also brought two of her friends , Liesl Gibson and Lotta Jansdotter.  Liesl and Lotta are such beautiful talented artists, sewist, designers and we were thoroughly encouraged to take advantage of all their expertise with our sewing projects.  So we did!!!!!

Me, Lotta, Heather and Liesl

Our workshop which consisted of about 20 women, took place at the Ace Hotel.  The accommodations were very eclectic, in an artsy sort of way- it was the perfect setting for this workshop.

Well, getting back to my tale of a Palm Springs windstorm.. It was our second day and it really was a lovely sunny day, nothing out of the ordinary.  We all had our projects going, sewing machines were set-up and after a few hours of work and socializing, we broke for lunch.  This is when the WINDSTORM started.  This windstorm brought winds between 70 and 90 miles per hour.  I personally saw a wooden picnic table roll over, and the Ace Hotel that we were staying in, lost many of its stunning canvases, debris was flying everywhere and when we were quickly transported from one building to another, I swore that I had swallowed a small feline!  This is when the power went out, and we were all to stay in the hotel restaurant.  In the dark.  Luckily, like a parent stuck on a long car ride with a bored child, Lotta pulled out all her inks and cotton muslin and did a little tutorial for us on what she does best- stenciling….We could use her stencils that she designed or, try to make our own. I did the later.  Daylight was our only light and it was running scarce.  I really think we all made the most of it.    

With a hotel that had no power or water, we were forced to pack our belongings and move to another hotel.  Our destination?  the Hilton.  Not exactly the Ace, but it would have to do.  They accommodated us, setting us up with an adequate project room with inadequate lighting.  But the show must go on, and so it did.  The following day, we finished up and said our many good-byes and promised to see each other again at the next Palm Springs workshop.

On my fourth day, my cousin Carol flew in from Michigan, after being delayed several times by the unpredictable weather.  We continued to stay in the Hilton, which was the perfect fit for a quiet and relaxing vacation.  During the next few days we explored exciting tourists areas; like the aerial tram which is part of the San Jacinto mountains and of course the outlet stores.

At The Top

After reaching the top of the mountain this is the view!  

Carol and I at ONE of our favorite eateries

Carol and I had a great visit with lots of girl time and lots of eating.  We pretty much ate our way in and out of Palm Springs, even eating at the airport before flying back to San Francisco! 

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