I am seeing lines……

Over the summer we spent 8 weeks in Cape Cod.  We have a little place that we have been slowly fixing up.  This last summer a lot of painting happened.  Not only on the walls, but also the floors.  I have always wanted to paint wood floors- wall to wall or a very large painted rug.

This is the rug BEFORE

The  original old rug was dingy, dirty and really colorless.  We wanted to add color to our “band-aid” colored house so …… I did a little painting….

Painting a Canvas Rug

 Jim and I went to the local Ace Hardware Store and picked up some sample and discontinued paints in a range of blues and greens.  I spent a few hours on the first day taping off a pattern on the canvas.  On the next day I painted, and on the third day I painted.  By the fourth day I was able to pull up the tape (my most favorite part) and spray several layer of clear coating.  This prevents the paint from coming off, and keeps dirt at bay.  Canvas rugs make such a fun project and really adds color to a room!  You should try it! This last picture is a rug I painted for our kitchen.

After with Ruby        
Kitchen Rug

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