The shirt that hasn’t been on my back!

So we all have them.  Fat clothes, skinny clothes and those clothes that you purchased for a “really good deal” and even though the style isn’t completely “YOU”, you just couldn’t pass it up on the Anthropologie sale rack.  Well this blouse is just that, not my style, not attractive on me and really cheap!  It is the Shirt that hasn’t been on my back! I don’t wear it.  I have a hard time with silk.   I feel like it clings to all the wrong places and accentuates the negative.

I didn’t try this bIouse on and in hindsight that was a mistake.   If I had tried it on I am sure that I wouldn’t have brought it home.


The fit of this blouse was way too boxy for me, my arms got lost in the sleeves and it did cling.  My solution to this problem, you ask?  The Colette pattern: Sorbetto Tank.  This is a 2 piece free downloadable pattern.  It is easy to assemble with a nice clean silhouette.

Sorbetto Pattern

I chose to keep a sleeve, but shorten it, reduce the fullness by adding a dart in the bust area and taking out 2 inches on either side of the blouse.  I added the box pleat down the front, like the Sorbetto pattern called for and I kept the original length of the blouse to give me more options for styling.  The result is a blouse that may spend time on my back. I really do like it now and I think I will wear it!

Thanks to Colette Patterns for my finished product.


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