A little Something Red!


So, among other things, I have been working on a little something Red for someone I have only met once.  SHE has been a huge influence to my sewing and a huge inspiration to my fashion trends.  I have always been a fan of vintage fashion, which comes from my favorite singer, actress and dancer Doris Day.  I love all her movies and I believe that I own all of them.  Just to name a few of my most favorites, Calamity Jane, April In Paris and Midnight Lace ( it’s a great thriller).  Doris Day embodies the ‘girl next door’ image and that is something that I truly admire.

 Well getting back to my New inspiration Gretchen Hirsch.  Gretchen has a blog  “New Blog For Better Sewing” in which she shares all kinds of techniques for sewing along with the ups and downs of sewing.  She has opened my eyes to a whole new world beyond headbands and handbags.  Don’t get me wrong, I love making the Gosh Golly Goods’ headbands, but I have been craving something that would show my true heart and talents.   So as a thank you to Gretchen I have been making a little something that is inspired by Gretchen’s signature look.  By no means does this truly represent her beauty, she is by far more beautiful and cuter than any photo or doll could portray her as.

This is going to be a Gretchen Doll.  When I am finished with her I will post the final pictures before I send her off to her new home in New York.  Well… back to work for me.

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