Mustaches are a Mystery…..

So has anyone else besides me, out there noticed lately that mustaches are everywhere? You can find mugs donning them, stickers for your fingers in the shape of them and I have even seen little cake mustache molds that you can bake and eat in a lollipop way!  Now I certainly enjoy a kitschy item here and there, (I love a good gnome) but I just don’t get the whole mustache thing?  Does anyone really want to eat a small cake on a stick that resembles a hunk of hair that hangs out under someones nose?   Mmmmmmm, sounds good!  (Do you realize that the human body cannot even digest hair?)  And as women, don’t we spend countless hours of grooming, plucking, waxing and bleaching unwanted hair?  Especially under our noses?  No one likes to see that!  My own mother has even told me that if she ends up in the hospital in her old age to never let her have strange hairs growing out of her face!  Anyway, that is my rant for today- so glad I got that off my chest!

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