Where do all those straight pins go?

Hi readers!

 I took it upon myself today to do some tidying up in my sewing room.  Tidying up usually just means moving my fabric stash from 1 side of the room to the other, spinning in circles and getting really nothing accomplished.  Today, really not so different.  I did sweep my floor though, which is huge.  (I find that my sewing room has way more gravity than any other part of the house).  For example in the other rooms, things tend to accumulate onto flat surfaces, like tables, chairs, and the kitchen counter.. weird huh?!  With all that sweeping I found about 20 straight pins!
 I have recently been in desperate need of extra pins and was wondering where in the world they were going…..Kind of like that sock that is missing its match- (hate it when that happens).  The other possible answer to all those missing pins, is Peek -A-Boo (our 10 month old pug) ...She has been known to snag a pin or 2 and run around the house taunting me with it…. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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