Hello?? Is there anybody out there?

Ruby and me on the beach in Cape Cod

This is my first attempt at blogging. I used to think of blogging as a way to toot your own horn, and to some extent it may be. Blogging I learned, is also a place to do business, network, find friendships, archive, learn and so much more! My mind was changed when I attended the “sewing summit”. The sewing summit was a gathering of quilters and garment sewers that took place in Salt Lake

Sewing Summit Sewers

City. I went into this event not knowing anyone, and not really knowing what it was going to be about. I left with a large bag of schwag (giveaways from the event), friendships and rejuvenation!  When you think of a conference full of sewists, you think of a bunch of old gray haired ladies, with walkers… at least I did- I found out that I was one of the oldest gals there!  I was delighted and a little – well, I felt old.  Most of these ladies had very small children and even babies at home.  But one thing was for sure, I was able to learn more about their lives by reading their blogs, a small peek into what life was all about for them.  This would be a lesson learned for me: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.  Just because someone blogs, it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily narcissitic,  it could mean a number of things and mostly they are ALL good.

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